We aim not only to be the best smaller BI company in the market but also a company that embraces and lives by our core values and principles.

Curious about business operations

We believe in continuously learning and understanding our customers’ unique needs and challenges. Being curious means we never stop in our pursuit of knowledge and insight to offer innovative solutions.

Involvement and collaboration

We are characterized by a fundamental belief that collaborative work is the key to our success. We see the value in leveraging each other’s strengths and ideas. By creating an environment where every individual feels seen and heard, we build a strong community where we can grow together.

Agile with strong execution capabilities

We combine an agile methodology with profound knowledge to swiftly translate ideas into action. Being nimble with us means being both agile and proactive in a dynamic environment where change is a constant factor.


We are a small company with a long-term goal to create the best possible decision support and help clients grow through better decisions. Our journey is filled with both opportunities and challenges that can provide you with excellent prospects for skills development and experience for further growth and new challenging assignments. The path towards the goal is not always predetermined; it is something we shape together. Do you want to work in a start-up company where we learn from each other, support one another, question, and challenge both internally and externally for the best possible solutions? We are a values-driven company guided by ‘Who’ rather than ‘What.’ With our planned growth, many new roles and opportunities will arise.

Discover our available positions or read below to get an insight into what it’s like to be a part of our team. Whether you’re seeking your next challenge or want to learn more about our work environment and values, we are delighted to provide you with the information and opportunities you are seeking.


Discover our available positions


As an employee at HoneyBI, you will have access to an exciting work environment that focuses on your development and growth. It’s not just what we do that matters, but also how we do it. We believe in creating a work environment where every individual can thrive and evolve while striving to be a leader in the Business Intelligence industry. Here are some of the benefits of being part of our team:

  • Expertise in BI solutions: Collaborating with experienced colleagues, you will work on crafting tailored ETL solutions for each organization’s unique needs. We aim to develop industry-leading solutions that impress both in design and technology.
  • Visualization for operational needs: You will closely engage with end-users and stakeholders to create the most efficient visualizations based on various industry requirements and technical demands. At HoneyBI, you will work simultaneously on multiple projects, gaining broad experience.
  • Creating long-term sustainable solutions: We’ll teach you to develop cost-effective and sustainable solutions that provide clients with highly valued outcomes. We utilize the most effective tools for each specific task.
  • Personal Development: You’ll have the opportunity to build your own brand and expertise as a consultant within HoneyBI. We work in small, complementary teams where we support each other and engage in meaningful and valuable projects.
  • Influence and Development: With us, you have ample opportunities to influence and drive the company’s development. Short decision paths and a flat organizational structure enable everyone to contribute to the company’s success.
  • Attractive Compensation and Benefits: We offer competitive salaries and several benefits including:
    • Annual wellness allowance of 5000 SEK.
    • Pension solution according to ITP1 administered by Avanza.
    • Secure employment with insurances and normal collective agreement rules.
    • Senior salary model for employees with three years’ experience and expertise in technology, business acumen, social skills, and leadership.”


Diverse expertise across a breadth of industries

Diverse types of assignments for long-term relationships

Progress through digital decision-making processes

At our company, we value the diversity of skills we possess and aim not to become overly specialized within a single industry. By working across different sectors, we reduce the risk of being heavily impacted by an economic downturn. This gives us the opportunity to build a broader range of business expertise and discover best practices, both for ourselves and our clients. Our focus is directed towards industries such as the public sector, technology consulting, and media

We strive for a balance between long-term assignments and smaller projects. This provides us with the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with our clients and recurring development opportunities over time.

We believe in being even clearer about our journey towards digital decision-making processes. By streamlining and digitizing our decision-making processes, we save time and ensure that our decisions are well-founded and optimized to meet today’s needs and challenges.


Confidence and openness

At our place, we value a secure self-image where it’s important to be open about one’s skills and abilities. Being able to ask for help and openly share what one knows and doesn’t know is a strength among our employees

Ability to work both independently and in teams

We are looking for individuals who can thrive in both independent projects and team-based tasks. Being able to navigate and deliver results both independently and in collaboration with others is crucial.

Experience and interest in the business

We value experience and often seek employees with over 5 years of experience in relevant areas. Furthermore, a deep understanding and interest in the business and its needs are significant factors for thriving and succeeding with us.





We are currently looking for someone who currently works as a Business Controller or Developer and has a keen interest in digitizing manual processes. If you're a Controller, you might feel that using Excel alone doesn't take you further in creating the best possible decision support. As a Developer, you might feel that there's much more to explore within the BI field, yet you're not achieving the leverage you desire in providing the best possible decision support to decision-makers.

We believe you have skills in SQL and understand databases. You might currently work as a BI consultant but haven't found the right fit. Hopefully, you've been exposed to some BI tool and are contemplating the right direction for your future. As a consultant, you aim to work with operational issues and have a significant focus on decision support.

Many of our clients closely tie their financial monitoring to their BI environment. Understanding financial control models and financial monitoring becomes central, and we are now seeking someone who can complement our team, which has broad experience across various industries and business areas.

With us, you'll have the opportunity to work on various projects across multiple industries. We have extensive experience in developing BI platforms and have also developed our own products, such as a generic data warehouse for Maconomy clients. Our success is built on our understanding of operations.

We are looking for someone who wants to influence their everyday work and assignments, someone who wants to work in a smaller company where we learn from each other, support one another, question and challenge both internally and our clients for the best possible solution. From the start, you'll have a lot of freedom and significant personal responsibility.

We would prefer if you:

  • Have some experience with one or more BI tools (SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau, and MS PowerBI) and are skilled in Excel 
  • Have a keen interest in operational issues and knowledge in one or more ERP systems
  • Are curious about various aspects
  • Enjoy and can handle remote work. Our offices are in Gothenburg and Linköping.
  • Are willing to learn cloud-based development, such as AWS.
  • Understand basic SQL syntax
  • Have a big heart and commitment

We hope that you:

  • Want to work alongside colleagues who have knowledge you can learn from
  • Like working in a smaller company where the focus is on customers and solutions rather than internal administration • Want to work in a growing company that invests in you as an individual
  • Have a positive attitude towards most things and a motivating attitude 
  • Are willing to share your knowledge and experience
  • Are easy to collaborate with and highly engaged, whether in significant or minor tasks
  • Want to work in a specialized consultancy firm in a very exciting industry where we develop our products while also conducting consultancy projects
  • Seek an incentive model where you have significant influence over your own and the company's success

Contact person: Peter Ryman

Category: Senior Business Controller / BI Consultant

Scope: Full-time

Industry: Information Technology and Services, Computer Software


We are looking for a new colleague with several years of experience in Business Intelligence who can support and assist colleagues and customers in more complex issues, primarily back-end but also front-end.

You have business knowledge from various industries and operations, where you've gained insights into what works best given each organization's unique situation.

We seek someone with versatile experience in various technologies and environments. Your interest in Business Intelligence stems from a significant interest in both technology and business operations. You have worked with several products in ETL, front-end, and databases.

With us, you will be challenged and able to exchange experiences with other senior colleagues who possess extensive experience and breadth. You'll have the opportunity to work on multiple projects simultaneously across different industries. We have significant experience in developing BI platforms, data warehouses, and front-end. We have also developed our products, such as HoneyDW, a generic data warehouse where you'll have the chance to contribute and shape.

You have a strong background in Data Warehousing, and you are highly skilled in SQL and databases. You are seeking a smaller company as an employer where you can influence your daily work and engage in developmental projects. We learn from each other, support one another, question and challenge both internally and externally for the best possible solution. You possess great self-motivation and interest, as well as a strong desire to develop yourself, colleagues, and the company. You have an established network and can work both independently and in teams.


  1. At least 5 years of experience in Business Intelligence

  2. Proficiency in at least two different databases (preferred are Snowflake and SQL Server)

  3. Proficiency in at least two different ETL tools (preferred are SSIS, Matillion, Python, DataServices, Pentaho)

  4. Proficiency in at least two different front-end tools (Microsoft PowerBI, SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau)

  5. Fluent proficiency in spoken and written Swedish

Preferred areas:

  1. Master's degree

  2. Knowledge of Linux and Python

  3. Experience in project management of Business Intelligence projects

  4. Experience in building and designing architecture for sustainable BI solutions

  5. Teaching experience

Our success largely relies on our understanding of operations where curiosity about both business and technology is a key factor in succeeding in this role with us.


Currently, we are looking for someone who would like to join us as soon as possible and dive into exciting, business-oriented app development. We are further investing in building an even stronger team for the development of various applications closely connected to our core business, which is Business Intelligence.

This opportunity allows you to bring your skills and be part of creating new things at a high pace. You will learn Business Intelligence from scratch and work side by side with experienced colleagues. You'll collaborate closely with our clients in smaller teams.

We seek someone comfortable working in a project-based environment, closely interacting with both colleagues and clients. We are a niche consulting firm with extensive experience in developing traditional BI platforms as well as predictive analysis and various forms of AI solutions.

We are looking for someone with a deep interest in systems but maintains a focus on business and enjoys functional programming. You are curious and willing to experiment. Flexibility is appealing to you, and you possess a strong customer focus. To fit this role, it's essential to have experience with Clojure as we are building our expertise and development around that language.

We would prefer if you:

  • Have at least one year of experience in Clojure programming, either professionally or as a hobby.
  • You want to contribute to the Clojure community.
  • Experience with SQL and React is advantageous – SQL is used in everything we do, and React is the library we use for all web applications.
  • Can handle, thrive in, and work remotely. Our offices are located in Gothenburg and Linköping.
  • Have a keen interest in architectural issues both on-premises and in the cloud and want to learn more about cloud-based development, such as AWS.
  • If you also have some experience with one or more BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, or SAP BusinessObjects, it's a plus. Have a strong dedication, commitment, and interest in business matters.

We hope that you:

  • Want to work in a growing workplace where we invest in you as an individual, where attitude and approach matter.
  • Desire to work with colleagues who possess knowledge you can learn from.
  • Are willing to share your knowledge and experience.
  • Have a genuine interest in the client's business and affairs.
  • Are easy to collaborate with, highly engaged, and deliver at the top level.
  • Want to work in a specialized consulting firm in a growing market where your success is the company's success, and you have significant influence.

Within the first six months, you will:

Work on several client assignments alongside a more senior colleague. Take on your own responsibilities. Deep dive into HoneyBI's processes, work methods, and offerings. Further develop your skills in the latest technology with colleagues and partners. Impress as a colleague and individual, deliver at the highest level, and have a great time at work. Participate in exciting development projects.

Contact person: Peter Ryman, 070-4625234, peter.ryman@honeybi.se

Category: Systems Developer

Scope: Full-time

Industry: Information Technology and Services, Computer Software

Keywords: Programming, Clojure, LISP, Functional Programming




Are you aiming for a career as a BI consultant, expert, or project manager working directly with clients? Do you have extensive knowledge across multiple Business Intelligence platforms?

We offer a flexible incentive model that provides you with significant opportunities to influence your own success.





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